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reserve a photo booth

Venue Details

  • How much space do you need for setup?

    We require at a minimum an 8x8x8ft to give us the proper space to set up and operate the photo booth. Please keep in mind the following:

    • Lines can grow at times depending on your guests so the rule of thumb is more is better.
    • When assessing the placement of the location of where you want to the place photo booth what will be around it.
    • If you have a venue layout on hand please share it with us so that on the day of the event our attendants will be able to independently set up the photo booth in the planned location.
    • Lastly, if you're unsure if the location is enough feel free to reach out and we'll help provide some feedback.
  • What kind of power is needed?

    We require at least two power outlets. In some situations, we can run battery-powered booths but please reach out to us and let us know ahead so we can assess power requirements further. Additionally, when plugging in the photo booth, we use gaffer tape that provides a goodhold on the ground but will not leave any sort of residue or material on your floor.

  • Are there any other requirements?

    Although we don't require these, we do like to share with our customers these details as it helps with the customer and guest experience.

    1. If there is wifi at the location, that will help ensure a secure internet connection for when guests share their sessions. Although we bring our own hotspot, a reliable wifi connection is typically a lot better than a cellular connection.
    2. Additionally, although we can bring a table/chair for that area, we usually request that customers work with their venue to provide them to align with any designs of the location because we will not have matching table coverings, etc. which may just not look as clean. We are always happy to bring our own but like to let our customers know.
  • Do we have insurance?

    Yes, we have business insurance that can be requested to be compliant with your venue. Please reach out directly for this as it is usually managed as a one-off item per event.

Event Day Details

  • What time do you arrive for setup?

    We do our best to coordinate with all of our customers as there's no one fits all situation. On amore typical event, we'll arrive an hour before the event to set up the photo booth and test it to ensure it operates smoothly. We designed our photo booth to be extremely easy for our attendants to travel and use to reduce set up and break down.

  • How long does it take to set up the photo booth?

    This can vary depending on the package and extra add-ons we need to support but a standard event with no add-ons can be set up within 30 minutes or less.

  • Do you charge for delivery, setup, and breakdown?

    We include a specific amount of miles per event and do charge per mile after we hit that limit.This will be typically calculated and included in your proposal. As far as costs for setup and breakdown, that is all included in our general pricing already so you don't have to do math there.

  • Does someone stay with the photo booth?

    Yes, we have an attendant at all of our events unless you request to do a drop-off event where we bring the booth, set up and leave for the entirety of the planned event and pick it up after.

  • How will we be in contact on the day of?

    Our attendant will work with the file on name which tends to be the person who we're working with already but in the case you have a different day of contact please share that person's contact information so that our attendant can communicate with them.